La Grotta Azzurra

The Blue Grotto can be accessed by sea and is characterized by its bright blue color due to the presence of a siphon (about 20 meters deep) that allows the sunlight to be reflected inside the Calafetente Sulfur Cave.


Grotta delle Ossa o Preistorica

The Cave of Bones or Prehistoric is characterized by the presence of bones of prehistoric animals inside.


Grotta dei Monaci

The Cave of the Monks is so named for the presence of dark brown stalagmites, in shapes reminiscent of monks in prayer.


Grotta del Sangue

The Cave of Blood gets its name from the red color of its walls that makes the seawater inside reddish. Among the various limestone formations, two are noteworthy and resemble a shell and the head of a crocodile.


La grotta Trombetta

The Cave of the Trumpet gets its name from its resemblance to the musical instrument.

La grotta della Scaletta

The Cave of the Ladder is a cave for experienced speleosubacquei due to its danger.


Cala fetente e grotta sulfurea

Cala Fetente is a name that leaves no doubt, and indeed the characteristic smell of rotten eggs clearly tells us that we are facing a source of sulfur water that comes from a cave whose first twenty meters can be walked until a lake. The dive is very dangerous and people have already died. The entrance of the cave is very impressive, where the column of sulfur water joins that of the sea.