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Palinuro with a wonderful blue sea and the natural caves

The blu cave

Among Centola hamlets there is the famous Palinuro. Palinuro is very appreciated by tourists, thanks to its wonderful position, among olive trees on the hills and the wonderful sea. The sea is really uncontaminated, there are wonderful creeks, long and wide beeches, beautiful caves (Azzurra, del Ribalto, Calafetente, del Buon Dormire, delle Ossa) with stalagmites and remains of prehistoric animals. Palinuro was the name of the helmsman of Aeneas who, according to tradition, fell in the sea, and when he reached the beach, he was killed by the inhabitants.
Grotta Azzurra is called Azzurra (blue) because sunlight creates on the water wonderful blue shades thanks to a siphon (20 m deep) that makes sunlight pass. It is attainable only by sea....

Grotta d'argento is called d'argento (silver) because of the colour of the water on the calcareous walls.
Grotta del Sangue has water with red blood reflexes on it.
Grotta Calafetente, the name comes from the sulphurous exhalations. The cave has the shape of an amphitheatre. Along the entrance tunnel there are some kinds of corals, never living in this part of Mediterranean Sea. In some parts of the caves there are toxic gases.
Grotta dei Monaci, it is called dei Monaci (of friars) because there are some stalagmites having the shape and the colour (brown) of monks in prayer

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