•  Antiquarium di Palinuro



    In a suggestive position, above the beautiful Ficocelle beach, is located the Antiquarium where the finds found in the necropolises near Cape Palinuro are preserved and exhibited to the public ...

  • velia


    Cilento Park

    Romans called this town Velia, Greeks called it Elea. Its excavations are one of the treasures of National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano. The remains of this ancient town are in the territory of Ascea Marina, a very important tourist town, situated between Agropoli and Palinuro. The strategic geographic ...

  • Paestum


    Cilento Park

    Its well-preserved temples have been a draw for tourists from all over the world. The remains of the lively ancient city of Paestum fully reflect the splendor of the distant times when it was a major Greek trading center and the museum preserves finds of great interest, first of all the frescoes of the tomb of the diver ...

  •  Antiquarium di Palinuro

    Gli Etruschi di frontiera


    Few people know that the southernmost settlements of the Etruscans were located in the province of Salerno. The archaeological area of the Fratte district of Salerno and the archaeological area of Pontecagnano testify to their vestiges. In Pontecagnano is located the interesting museum that documents the life and activity of these border towns...

  •  Pompeii

    Pompei - Herculaneum - Oplontis excavations


    This is the most famous archaeological area in the world. The ancient Roman cities buried by the eruption of Vesuvius today show us all their beauty. They still seem alive, crowded with people who walk its streets and enter the houses as if they were expected guests...