The Dune Beach is an enchanting beach in the Cilento region, located in Palinuro, a seaside resort and a fraction of Centola (SA). The Cilento is a land that has always guaranteed an authentic natural environment. Unfortunately or fortunately, it is still little known to the usual masses of bathers, and is therefore defined as a peaceful land. Bathed by the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Dune Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Cilento. It is located in the area known as the Saline Beach (the Caprioli tower divides the two sections). We have gathered all the useful information for you if you want to know it better.

Dune Beach: Sand, water and services

As you can see, in the following paragraphs there are the main characteristics of this beach, the sand, the waters, how to get there, curiosities and details suitable for a tourist like you. We will explain in more detail how this beach is made, here are the most frequently asked questions that need answers:

What sand does it have?

The sand at the Dune Beach is a hit with all visitors. It is a fine, golden sand with pebbles when entering the water. There are also rocks in this beautiful landscape, perfect for a relaxing stroll.

Spiaggia delle Dune Palinuro
La bellissima Spiaggia delle Dune a Palinuro


The beach is divided into beach resorts, equipped areas, and free beaches. This is a good compromise for those who want to save on the beach umbrella, but still want to spend the whole day at the beach. The Cilento region is known for its delicious food, with many cheese factories in the area. The beach is also very convenient and great for relaxation, even during the busiest periods like August or Saturdays, it is peaceful and enjoyable.

Is there parking? How much does it cost? Is near?

  • It is possible to park along the road that leads to the beach, but the lidos also have parking spaces.
  • Parking costs approximately €2.50 for 5 hours. But for more details, we advise you to contact the bathing establishments that interest you the most, as prices may vary from year to year.

Are there hotels on the beach? Are they within walking distance?

Yes, there are many hotels nearby, some with a bathing establishment or in any case affiliated with other beaches. There are different types of hotels with all the comforts, from the swimming pool to the shuttle, for those further away from the beach.

The waters of the Spiaggia Delle Dune

The Dune beach has remained almost intact. Its waters are crystal clear, in fact it is possible to dive. There are also large spaces to dive into.

Is it a beach suitable for families?

Yes, it is a family beach, quiet and suitable for children. Furthermore, the shore has a shallow and flat bottom, which is why the water is not cold. There are also multiple services that will facilitate parents' day at the beach, including lidos, facilities and excellent restaurants.

Bathing Suitability

The ARPAC (Regional Agency for Environmental Protection of Campania) carries out a series of analyses in predetermined points every year to evaluate the state of the waters of the Campanian coasts. You can find the official document of the agency on their website.


The backdrop of Le Dune beach